So what im about to say you need to read. I highly and I mean highly recommend everyone to visit Tula Wellness. This afternoon I had an appointment scheduled for a 1 hour float. Let me tell you I told my wife this sounds silly but ill give it a shot. So this has numerous health benefits and some of you know I battle anxiety on a regular basis. You float for 1 hour in a pod thats filled with about 1000 pounds of epsom salt with soothing music playing and you can have a light on or off. I preferred total darkness. You literally feel like your floating in air completely weightless. Your instructed to turn your phone off before entering the pod for optimal benefits. Im glad I made that decision. I felt amazing I had some deep one on one time with God and had time to solve the world problems all at once. Not only is my mind completely clear but my soreness from the gym is gone my knees feel great and my skin feels great as well (words i never thought i would say haha). I will be doing this every other week or once a month but please try it we all